How To Identify Substance Abuse Issues

How To Identify Substance Abuse Issues

“We primarily trade in nighttime and in events that facilitate socializing, of which taking substances goes hand in hand. I literally struggle to think of the last event that I attended that didn’t have booze flowing through it…”

-Ghibli (DJ)

The day-to-day grind of a career in music can often lead to feelings of loneliness, irregular wake/sleep hours, demanding travel schedules, extended periods of time away from family, friends and support networks, financial instability and intense competition   Combined with the adrenaline of performing, after-show gatherings, late nights, and pressures to perform, it’s no wonder so many in the music industry rely on substances to cope with the rigors of such a complex lifestyle.  

But when does using become a problem? 

If you would like additional information on substance abuse, to find out if treatment might be right for you, and/or help finding support, or please contact us or visit SAMHSA.


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