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COVID-19 has brought the music and live events industry to a grinding halt, magnifying stress and insecurity on individuals and the industry as a whole. Recognizing that this time-off is rare, Backline is committed to promoting routines and practices that improve mental health and wellness—ultimately positioning individuals for a more positive future.


In order to meet the need of the hundreds of thousands of individuals in this industry, we are actively seeking financial support from those who believe in our mission and want to create a safer and more supportive environment for music to flourish. We’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what needs to be done to keep the music industry safe and supported.


We are changing the narrative around mental health in the music industry

by inspiring conversation, constructing dialogue, and encouraging education.

We’re in this together.

Backline is calling upon the industry to join us in creating a safer and more supportive environment for all who make the music happen.





Backline is looking for strategic partnership opportunities that support our mission in providing mental health and wellness resources to the music industry. The biggest obstacle between this community and regular mental health and wellness practices is ease and accessibility. 

Despite being currently “off the road”, the music industry is dependent on zero-to-low cost services that can travel along with them. In order to maintain these life-changing practices from wherever they are (hotels, green rooms, bus bunks, back of vans), Backline is actively seeking partnerships that can help connect these dots through our platform.

Give back directly to the artists, crew, and families that make the music happen.

Artist Partnerships

Generate revenue, build awareness, raise funds, and interact with fans through virtual benefit concerts, co-branded campaigns, and storytelling initiatives. We work together to make sure your message about mental health is delivered the way you want it, while also providing Backline’s resources to ensure it’s loud and clear.

Brand Partnerships

Opportunities for integrated marketing campaigns, product placement, and logo inclusion across the live music + events space, reaching both artists and fans with a message of support and solidarity.

Wellness Partnerships

Backline is seeking wellness-oriented organizations that are interested in engaging with the music industry through one-off or series classes, workshops, and/or info sessions to increase awareness on the benefits of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and other wellness practices.

Mental Health & Wellness iOS Apps

Wellness, fitness, and meditation apps provide easy access points to practices that can improve daily life and create long-lasting habits. Backline is actively recruiting new partnerships to create an open door for music industry professionals to access these resources from wherever they are–on or off the road–ultimately facilitating a safer and more supported music industry.


Champion the conversation around mental health and wellness, with prioritization on supporting the music community. Acknowledging this industry as one of the worst affected by the ongoing pandemic, the ideal sponsor would support the costs associated with Backline’s mental health and wellness programs with a shared goal of expanding our co-branded resources’ reach. Budgets for Case Management Program, Come Together Crisis Initiative, as well as future plans for Training Program and App available upon request.


Backline is proud to have a robust network of clinical and wellness providers around the country that is committed to providing the highest level of care for the music industry. We are constantly expanding our network and would love to hear from you!


To be added to Backline’s clinician database, please fill out this clinical form, providing background information about your work, music industry experience if applicable, and how you’re hoping to get involved. 


To be added to Backline’s wellness database, please fill out this wellness form, providing background information about your work, music industry experience if applicable, and how you’re hoping to get involved.