Heather Mae

Hi. My name is Heather Mae. I have Bipolar Disorder 2 and I will no longer be ashamed of my brain.

Since releasing my new mental health-focused album, GLIMMER, this is how I start every single show. The following 90 minutes are a deep dive into what it’s like living with high functioning mental illness. Sometimes we sing about the rollercoaster of finding the right medication and sometimes we look around the room and feel inspired and empowered as the person sitting next to you sings “you’re still here.” 

Because we are, damnit, and that is amazing.

There isn’t one cure for the pain and trauma of mental illness but there is one thing that makes living with it easier for everyone: community. I realized that as a touring artist, I had the ability to create safe spaces in every town I toured through, where my fans (who I lovingly call my amazing humans) can gather and feel like they aren’t alone. My music can create community and if my music can do that, then maybe I can help people who struggle like me.

By sharing my story, maybe I can help make the world a little easier to live in.