Mental Health with Nuci’s Space, Anders Osborne and Andy Frasco

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Recently David wrote an article regarding well-being in the music industry, further highlighting how we as professionals in the music business get it wrong in the way we work, costing us our own health and well-being. I then followed that with my own article further expanding on the well-being side in particular, and both have since gone on to receive thousands of views. This also led to both myself and David receiving a load of email from people for whom both articles appear to have resonated greatly. With that in mind we felt this was a topic we should discuss in more detail. Fear not: this is NOT a “doom and gloom” fest. Far from it: we talk through the problems but also address ways in which we feel we can work smarter and ostensibly help create a working culture that is perhaps not so toxic. Equally though, we both feel this issue warrants more discussion and awareness. So please, take a listen and if you feel this affects you, spread word and stand up to something that desperately needs to change.

Mental health is a difficult topic, but it is important that it not be an ignored one. There are many musicians (and people in general) dealing with brain disorders, and in this episode we celebrate Nuci’s Space. Seth and Rob hope with this episode to shine a light on how Nuci’s Space provides a culture free of stigma for anyone who is struggling with mental health issues. This actually started as a conversation Seth had with Anders Osborne’s manager Phil Einsohn (7S Management) at the Conscious Alliance auction in Colorado just days prior to the passing of Neal Casal. Inspired by this, and devastated by Neal’s passsing, Seth later would reach out to Andy Frasco with the interest of conducting a “roundtable” of sorts on musicians and mental health. Ultimately Rob and Seth traveled to Nuci’s Place in Athens, and Bob Sleppy (executive director) and Lesley Cobbs (counseling advocate) joined the hosts on the conversation with Frasco and Osborne joining by phone.

This discussion, and the one the hosts have with Nuci’s Space founder Linda Phillips in the introduction to the episode, is designed to demonstrate that help is out there for people who need it. Nothing is insurmountable, there is no need to be ashamed and you must never lose hope. You don’t need health insurance. You don’t have to worry about being treated badly. If you just reach out to Nuci’s they will point you in the appropriate direction to find the help you need. Linda lost her son to suicide, but it inspired her to start this organization which has saved so many others from a similar fate.

We hope that this episode emboldens you to have similar conversations with those you love and/or those who are struggling. Please remember to look for the signs (as mentioned in the episode) and don’t hesitate to reach out for help – whether by calling Nuci’s, utilizing the new organization Backline, contacting MusiCares, or just seeking the ear of a trusted friend.

Call Nuci’s Space at (706) 227-1515

Music in episode:

Andy Frasco & The U.N. | album Change of Pace | Song: Somedays

Anders Osborne | album: Black Eye Galaxy | Song: Mind of a Junkie

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