Mental Health Awareness Month offers us a thoughtful moment in time to pause and reflect on our ever-evolving relationship with our mental health. This May, no matter where we are on our mental health journey, we can focus on being intentional and present in our day-to-day lives. From starting a meditation practice to getting connected with a therapist there are many ways to integrate wellness into your routine. For whatever your journey looks like, Backline is here to help. Check out more below on ways to support your emotional well-being.

Backline’s Mental Health Awareness Month Mixtape #1 

Assistants Vs. Agents Spring 2023 Out Of Office Drop 

Introducing the Assistants Vs. Agents Out Of Office Spring 2023 merch collection, on sale now! A significant percentage of proceeds will be going to Backline to help provide mental health & wellness resources to the music industry!

Remember to take care of your brain in and Out Of Office!

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Take.Care Resource Hub

Powered by SBK Foundation, Backline and Conscious Alliance are teaming up to supply tours with health & wellness kits, which will provide products and resources for musicians and crew members experiencing mental health challenges, or requiring short-term isolation from tours due to COVID-19. Request a tote here.

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Break The Barriers Initiative 

The way to end stigma around mental health is to take care of your mental health. Join the movement by taking the pledge to prioritize your mental health and then take action!

Sign the pledge and learn more about Backline’s Break The Barriers Initiative for communities of color.