Backline’s One Year Anniversary: A Note From The Team

A note from the team

As we approach Backline’s one year anniversary, we’ve been reflecting on all that we’ve been able to accomplish thus far. With the support of this community, we have provided 4,318 music industry professionals with mental health & wellness services, through our case management program, support groups, wellness offerings and online resources.

We started Backline to help music industry professionals and their family members find mental health and wellness resources that are low-cost, effective, and tailored for the unique lifestyle and limitations of this community. The need for Backline has grown significantly since we initially set out, as mental health challenges continue to increase as a result of COVID-19’s impact on the landscape of the industry.

“During what feels like our most challenging time as an industry, I am so touched to be a part of a community which provides perfect support and understanding in our unique cultural framework,” wrote one crew member about Backline’s services.

To accommodate the new, growing needs for care in this community, we’ve successfully launched the following programs:

Case Management — Backline’s clinicians work one-on-one with individuals to create a custom mental health plan specifically catered to their needs, taking into account unique mental health challenges, financial, and insurance status, and providing them with a customized list of resources. Individuals can schedule a free phone call right from our website, and we have already had more than 280 submissions for help.

Support Groups — Moderated by licensed therapists, the support groups provide a safe place for people to come together and talk about what it means to work in the music industry in today’s global climate. Launching with bi-weekly support groups in March, we’ve added three more weekly sessions starting October 12 to accommodate the growing need for free, ongoing support for the music industry.

Wellness + Education — New content every week, as well as guest speakers to educate the music community on mindfulness, nutrition, fitness, physiological health, and more. We have hosted more than 50 offerings so far, and are adding new tech partnerships this fall to provide even more access points to a healthier lifestyle.

We are proud to provide a safe and secure environment for individuals to find resources to support their mental health and wellness journey, especially as the music industry continues to face uncertainty.

Please consider setting up a monthly donation or one-time contribution to support our efforts moving forward in mental health resources more easily accessible to this community.

We are grateful for your support!

The Backline Team