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We understand it can be hard to find the right mental health and wellness resources, and why it can be particularly challenging for the music industry.

We built a few options with you in mind.

Right now, Backline’s 501(c)(3) status extends to the United States. For international support, please check out our exclusive offers or articles.

Case Management

Backline’s Case Managers will work one-on-one with you to get the mental health and wellness resources that are right for you.

Schedule a call with us today to determine what types of services can be provided, assess your financial and insurance status, and develop a plan of action.

Backline Communities

Connect with a community of music industry professionals around the world. Led by licensed mental health providers, Backline Community groups meet online, and provide a safe space to come together to share your experiences.

Wellness Offerings

Try yoga, meditation, breathwork, and other wellness modalities to add to your everyday routine! We offer free subscriptions to a selection of apps and exclusive discounts for vitamins, supplements, and other health products.

backline black mental health training

Backline x Black Mental Health Alliance

Sharing resources to improve access to quality mental health services for BIPOC in the music industry and support educational content development, workshops, and training resources.

Find Organizations

Backline has vetted organizations across the country to create a national network of care providers that support the music industry by providing access to healthcare, financial assistance, treatment options, and more.


Browse our collection of articles to learn about how to take care of your mental health and physical wellbeing, tips for integrating mindfulness habits into your everyday life, and how to stay healthy on the road.

Mental health journeys look different for everyone.

We’re here to help you find the best options for you.