#CheckInChallenge For #MentalHealthWeek

Mental Health Week Check-In Challenge

This week is World Mental Health Week, and the one year anniversary of Backline! To mark the occasion, we are asking for individuals to participate in the Backline Check One-Two Challenge.

It’s simple. Anytime between Sunday, October 4 – Saturday, October 10, post a video or picture with your own story about how you check in on your own mental health and why it’s important to you. Tag @backline.care and #backlinecheckonetwo.

If you feel inclined to remind folks to donate to Backline, please feel free to do so in your video or caption.

How you participate is up to you! Have fun with it!

Sample Caption:

Have you checked in with yourself today? I’m participating in the #backlinecheckonetwo challenge with @backline.care and nominate @_____, @___ and @_ __ to do it too.

It’s easy, show your people how you check in with your own mental health and why it’s important to you, then ask them to do the same. Times are especially hard right now, so let’s get through this together.