Free Wellness Resources

Backstage Yoga

Backstage Yoga was specifically created to help you to take back control, to empower you to get back into balance without needing to resort to destructive coping mechanisms. All about making sure you can do this job that you love doing, for as long as you choose to, on your terms.

Our approach draws from Yoga and Ayurvedic Therapy expertise and is trauma informed, to create a space that is here to serve you, meeting you where you are.

No need to have practiced before or to be fit or flexible. If yoga is new to you, that’s incredible and we are grateful that you choose us to help you to start this journey. If you have practiced before, our practices will help you to continue on your journey and are tailored, so they are truly for you

Love4Live Meditation Library

Love4Live’s free online meditation portal provides community, compassion, and support for concert industry workers. You’ll find a complete meditation program featuring a recorded catalog of: conversations with the world’s foremost meditation experts, guided meditation classes, and a 3-day meditation retreat featuring Sharon Salzberg, Trudy Goodman and Thomas Davis.

Pandion Music Foundation

Free weekly wellness hours hosted virtually that focus on conversations or activities that may include guided meditation, breath work, sharing words of wisdom, or other similar activities that seek to improve overall wellness and build community for music creators.

Sight & Sound Vision Care

Sight & Sound provides free vision care to those in the music industry at trade shows and industry events around the country. Sight & Sound creates mobile vision clinics on-site to provide free eye care to those without access to vision care.

If you are unable to attend an in person vision clinic and have eye care needs please contact Sight & Sound has a national network of over 1,100 eyecare professionals across the United States to help you in receiving glasses, readers, and eye exams at no cost.