Join Our Referral Network

Backline is proud to have a robust network of mental health and wellness providers around the country that are committed to providing the highest level of care for the music industry. If you are a provider that is interested in being a part of our trusted network, we would love to hear from you!

Let’s build a safer and more supported music industry, together. 

Are you passionate about helping the music industry achieve better mental health and wellness? Are you committed to creating a healthier environment for music to thrive? Apply today and someone from our team will be in touch about adding you to our network.

Please provide us with background information about your work, music industry experience, and how you’re hoping to get involved. Our team will schedule a time with you to begin the vetting process.

Mental Health

Therapist + Social Workers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Physicians, Counselors, Life + Recovery Coaches.


Yoga, Bodywork, Breathwork, Mindfulness, Nutrition, Fitness, etc.

FAQ for New Backline Clinicians

How does someone join the Backline network?

Interested clinicians and/or wellness professionals may apply to join Backline’s network by clicking the apply now button listed above or by going to

Does it cost anything to join Backline’s network?

It is free to join the network and there is no fee to accept referrals.

Do I need to have worked directly in the music industry to join Backline’s network?

Backline’s provider network consists of many providers with experience in different aspects of the music industry and providers without that direct experience. All are vetted to ensure a good understanding of the industry. We do our best to match clients with therapists who understand their needs within the music industry, and our focus is finding the best possible provider available. 

How can I stay in touch and informed with what Backline is doing?

Follow us on social media! We maintain an active Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok

How can I support Backline aside from seeing clients?

It makes a big difference to have clinicians like yourself supporting us the way you do. If you’d like to get further involved, we do have options for donating on a one-time or recurring basis. It’s cool to see how much Backline is growing and with that comes the need for more and more support. It means the world to us to have people like yourself helping us reach our goals. Here is a link to donate if you are so moved: Backline Care, Inc – Backline Care, Inc. (

Also, Backline is built off of word of mouth. We always appreciate anyone who shares Backline’s information with people in the music and/or mental health communities!

When will I receive my first Backline client and how often will I receive referrals?

Unfortunately, we cannot predict when a referral may be made or which state a referral will come from. We do our absolute best to pair each client with a therapist that fits their exact needs. 

That being said, we always reach out to you when we have a match before passing your information to the client. If you are unable to accept them due to a full roster or any other reason you can let us know and the client will never know. That way we avoid wasting either party’s time and it keeps our database up to date as you can tell us to update your availability, fee, or any other profile details at that time.

What happens after I receive a referral from Backline? When will the client and I be connected?

It is your choice whether or not you’d like us to pass your information along to the client and it is up to them to reach out to you to schedule a consultation. Once Backline has confirmed your availability, the case manager will email optimally 2-3 referrals to the client within a week of their initial assessment call. 

Backline will automatically follow up with the client 2 weeks after the referral email is sent to confirm they’ve had an opportunity to reach out to the recommended clinicians and provide additional support if necessary. Please be advised that many of our clients actively tour the country and the world and may become distracted, which is why we provide the follow-up email. They are informed that delay in outreach could cause them to lose availability with the recommended clinicians. 

Once you’ve connected with a client, it is your responsibility to maintain your own practices and Backline encourages each clinician to follow their own policies and procedures. Should you need additional support, you can reach out to our general mailbox 

Backline also offers a Clinician Consultation group the 2nd Monday of every month at 6:30pm EST over Zoom. Zoom link and reminders are sent out via our listserv.

What happens if I have any issues once I accept a referral?

Backline is always available for support. You can email and our case management team can help resolve any issues that arise. If additional referrals are needed, we can help provide those as well.

I am not sure about lowering my rates for Backline clients. Do I have to, and if my fee changes at any time, how do I ensure it is updated in your database?

While it is not mandatory to offer a lower or sliding scale rate to Backline clients, any flexibility is always appreciated as many of our clients are freelance/independent contractors and not always able to pay higher amounts, especially if the provider does not take insurance.

However, we always respect clinician rates and will certainly do our best to find clients who are able to pay full rate or connect them to financial resources to help with these expenses. We have partnered with Sweet Relief to establish a Mental Health Fund for Backline clients who are unable to access the resources they need due to financial constraints. Based on the client’s need, Sweet Relief covers a portion or all of the cost by paying therapists directly for their services.

You are never locked into your “Backline rate,” as opposed to your standard rate. Should your fee scale change at any time, you can simply reach out to us at and we will update your profile.

In addition, we do not share your profile information with clients. We only use your information internally and a case manager will always reach out to confirm your rates and availability when we have a referral for you. You can also use that time to inform us of any changes with your fee or availability and the case manager will be sure to update your profile.

What happens when a client is on the road?

Backline clinicians are able to support their clients within the states where they are licensed to practice. For times when a client may be unable to meet due to restrictions on professional licensure, Backline offers free weekly virtual support groups for members of the music industry to attend: Backline can also refer clients to life coaches while they are on the road and provide wellness resources for additional support.

What should I do if I know someone who needs Backline’s services?

Interested clients may access Backline’s services at:


If you have additional questions about the clinician network that are not answered above, please feel free to reach out to