Words written by Aubrey Mable and Kathleen Hooper…

“It’s an all too familiar story – we get in our own way and forget how magical we are. That’s where our song, Gold, came to life. It was written for & about one of our best friends. To us, she is one of the most beautiful, radiant and colorful humans we know. She was experiencing a period of immense darkness and could not see all of those traits within herself. This song is a reminder to her, and to everyone, that we see the beauty and gold inside of them.

It feels especially important given the circumstances that 2020 held. Many people have been in isolation and this is a simple reminder that you are never alone. It also serves as a reminder to check in on your friends and the people you hold close. Had we not dug deep with our friend, we would have never known she was struggling. This is an opportunity for us to use our platform to shed light on mental health and create a more normalized dialogue around it. Music is our way of expressing ourselves and after we had that deep dive with her, we knew that a song was the right avenue to go. There have been many times over the past 12 months we have struggled to see our own “gold” and it’s funny to think that our own words can also serve as a reminder to ourselves. We are all worthy, loved, appreciated and GOLD!”