NYC Nightlife

Mondays @ 4 PM EST | ZOOM ID 828 4902 3851

Elevate: Nightlife Mental Health is an initiative launched by the NYC Office of Nightlife and the Mayor’s Office of Community Mental Health, in partnership with Backline. This new partnership invites members of NYC’s nightlife community–including hospitality business owners, workers and performers–to join free weekly Backline support groups to address trauma and stress in the nightlife industry. 

Learn more about the ELEVATE Nightlife Mental Health Initiative and additional resources. 

NYC Nightlife Support Group

A safe space for nightlife workers to come together, share their experiences, and talk about what it means to work in the industry today.

Led by Claudia Glaser-Mussen

Claudia specializes in helping people with stress and anxiety, grief and bereavement, trauma, as well as work and relationship challenges.

“Psychotherapy is an enriching, challenging and exciting experience,” Claudia explains. “It’s a collaboration that can help you to feel more present, more deeply engaged in your relationships, and connected to creative parts of yourself long overlooked or forgotten.” Her goal is to help you find the right paths toward gaining a new emotional freedom.

Claudia has also had a career as a musician, giving her a unique understanding of the issues specific to performing artists and working in the music industry. With that experience, she works with artists to help them with audition and performance anxiety.