Rock Your Total Fitness – Free Course

Wanderlust x Sadie Nardini: Rock Your Total Fitness

Strength, Stretch, and De-Stressing Sessions For Music Artists & Creatives 

Designed in support of Backline, Sadie Nardini teamed up with Wanderlust TV to deliver a course for creatives, artists, and musicians who are traveling, on tour, preparing for gigs, or simply want to maintain a high level of energy, stamina, strength, and flexibility to show up at their highest level.

Backline: Rock Your Total Fitness contains shorter, wildly effective sessions created by Sadie Nardini—a musician, and yoga/fitness pro—for musicians and other creative types, to keep our bodies and minds ready to rock!

Thanks to Backline’s partnership with WanderlustTV, music industry professionals and their families can access this entire course for free. Sign up today for 6 months of free access to all content on Wanderlust TV, with a discounted monthly rate thereafter of 50% off.

The package includes: 

5-Minute Mind Space Meditation for focus, clarity, easier creating, writing, or performing.

5-Minute Anxiety-Busting Moving Meditation to relieve anxious, stressed and imbalanced energy, calm nerves pre-performance, and for coming down after shows.

15-Minute Seated Strength & Stretch: A full body tone and flexibility session you can do in a van, airplane, tour bus, recording studio chair, green room – anywhere!

15-Minute Yoga Shred® Flow: A combination of Yoga poses and joint-safer HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) you can do in a hotel room or at home, to give you all the fitness and cardio stamina you need for touring and performance endurance – and life!

15-Minute Rock Your Yoga Flow: A yoga practice designed specifically for artists to gain grounding, balance, core strength, whole body health, to counter and support repetitive playing, singing, and performing!

15-Minute Somatic Stretch Sequence Come Down: A gentle but powerful session to open your body from repetitive sitting, traveling, or playing, and bring your nervous system into a calm, relaxed state after a performance—or anytime!

There’s also a free preview of the course, the 5-minute Yoga Shred for Cardio & Creative Fire. 

From Sadie: “As a yoga and fitness instructor, a creative, and a singer, I know that we artists usually have three things in common: We are busy, we must care for our bodies/minds in unique ways, and we endure a lot of repetitive actions—like sitting, playing, singing, and performing—that need releasing, especially now that the hustle has begun again!

We also need short mindfulness, yoga, stretching, and fitness sessions that work as well as longer ones, so we can squeeze them in between creating, recording, traveling, and performing. 

In this course, you get a VIP package of exactly that: an a la carte menu of meditation, yoga, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and somatic stretches that work quickly to unwind the artist’s body and mind, and build stamina for all your visionary expression that lies ahead.”

Read Sadie’s full interview with Wanderlust HERE.